4ch 720P AHD SD Vehicles MDVR With Panic Button GPS GPRS WIFI

  • Model Number: VGC-8V-BT10
  • Positioning: GPS / Beidou
  • GSM/GPRS: 3G/4G
  • G-sensor: Support
  • Wifi: Support
  • Geofence : Support
  • Cameras : 4 channels
  • Video Compression: H. 264
  • Storage: 2*128GB
  • RS232: 6
  • RS485: 1
  • Digital IO: 9
  • Audio - Two way call : 1
  • Panic Button: Yes
  • Log Data/send batch : Support
  • Engine Start Stop : Support
  • Features



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    Brief description:

    ► 4 channels AHD 1080p(720p ) .
    ► Beidou & GPS dual model choosing; 3G/4G mobile communication network;
    ► New modular architecture,the products are more stable, the performance is higher.
    ► Support Double SD card storage,  each 128GB.
    ► Reserve wifi module interface, expand wifi download video function.
    This feature is not available by default
    ►Support IP intercom
    ► Support local playback and remote playback of historical video recording



    ►Suitable for commerical fleet gps tracking and video surveillance, such as Taxi, Truck, fuel tank truck, bus, school bus, etc.


    Detailed Functions:
    Positioning function
    The host can receive and process GPS satellite signals, and provide data information such as vehicle position, time, speed, direction, altitude, and positioning status.
    a) Position monitoring function
    Communication function
    a)Communication method
    b) Voice communication
    c) One-way monitoring
    d) Text broadcast
    Alarm function
    a) Emergency alarm
    b) Burglar alarm
    c) Overspeed alarm
    d) Cross-border alarm
    e) Timeout alarm
    f) Power failure alarm
    g) Battery undervoltage alarm
    h) GPS antenna abnormal alarm
    i) Other alarms
    Fatigue driving, cumulative driving timeout on the day, entry and exit lines, driving time of the section is not enough/too long, off-line alarm, illegal ignition alarm.
    Information collection function
    a)Audio information collection
    With image and video information collection and storage functions, it can be connected to external storage devices to capture, store and upload image and video information. By default, when the storage space is full, the previous image and video files are automatically overwritten. Provides shooting modes such as center control, timing, and event triggering. Supports the export of image and video information via the USB interface. Support for video and image data marking, such video and image data are not allowed to be overwritten.
    a)Billing upload
    Remote video control
    a)Recording mode
    b)Video search
    c) Video channel control
    d) Remote video retrieval download
    Driving record function
    a) Driver information record
    b) Accident suspect information
    c) Driving status data
    d) Fatigue driving reminder and recording function
    e) Mileage statistics and records
    f) Installation parameter record
    g) Logging
    Oil cut stop
    According to the police situation, the system platform can remotely turn off the vehicle oil circuit or circuit and stop the vehicle. The oil cut stop is required under the premise that the vehicle travel speed is less than 10km/h. Disarming the vehicle can only be operated by the system platform.
    Node, polygon area, rectangular area, line download (Geo-fence)
    Under the control of the system platform operation, the host can remotely download the electronic fence, implement vehicle management of the entry and exit nodes, support 200 nodes, and the number of nodes can be expanded.
    Software upgrade
    When the host software version is upgraded, the function is changed, and the parameters are changed, the host can perform software upgrade, function, parameter update through the wireless download mode under the system platform operation control, or through the local serial port and USB interface device upgrade function. Remote and local (serial port or USB port) for maintenance and management of vehicle terminal equipment, including:
    a) set / query terminal parameters;
    b) upgrade the firmware of the terminal and peripherals connected to the terminal;
    c) export historical data in the terminal, such as operating records, check-in and return records, credit card consumption records, audio, video, photos, etc.;
    d) control terminal reset;
    e) control the terminal to restore the factory settings;
    f) According to the parameter setting, the intelligent service terminal can reset or restore the factory settings when it determines a specific incoming call or receives a specific short message.
    Backup power supply
    Blind area upload


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  • Itmes Equipment parameter Performance standard
    Name Product name VGC-8V-BT10
    system Operation system Linux 3.0.8
    Operation interface Graphical
    Interface language Chinese/English (or Customized)
    File system Wisdom patent
    Video Video input Analog AHD AV signal,1V/Vp-p
    4CH Analog
    Audio Audio input AGC automatic, aviation head, 4CH
    Audio output 2.5W/4Ω,1CH,Mute support
    Record format 8K/16K
    Audio compression ADPCM
    Digital processing and storage Video compression ITU-T H.264
    Image resolution Analog:WD1,WHD1,WCIF,D1,HD1,CIF; Digital:720P
    Image quality 1-8 grade adjustable(1 grade is the best)
    Video bit-rate 192Kbps~2048Kbps
    Video storage 85M~900MByte/hour
    Playback resolution 1 or 4*1080P/720P
    Audio bit-rate 4Kbyte/s
    Alarm Alarm input 4 channels
    Alarm output 1 channel
    USB HOST port OTG 1 channel
      Wifi wireless access 2.4G,IEEE 802.11b/g/n
    3G/4G 4G
    GPS GPS GPS / Beidou (Glonass Customized)
    Extension interface RS232 port 4
    RS485 port 1
    Intercom 1
    G-Sensor Support
    Other Power supply and consumption DC +9~+32V,≤4.2W(12V DC Typical value)
    Operating temperature/humidity -30℃~+70℃
    Dimensions 166mm x 140mm x 41mm
    N.W 750g