Wisdom Attached the 20th China Hi-tech Fair!

On November 14, the 20th China hi-tech fair on the grand opening of the Shenzhen convention and exhibition center, the assembly gathered domestic and international authority of senior government officials, scientists, economists, science and technology leading executives as well as multinational companies, the CEO and other heavyweight honored guest and professional audience, and to discuss the exchange intelligence latest research results, looking forward to the Chinese wisdom for the future development road.

Wisdom IOV Corporation Ltd as the high-tech enterprises, with emerging industry area u-micro enterprise talent to take this platform to give full play to the wisdom in the field of urban road traffic industry advantages and operating more than 10 years of industry foundation, shows the latest research and development products and innovative wisdom transportation industry comprehensive solution.

With the rapid development of urban traffic, strict inspection and supervision are closely related to legal norms. With independent research and development and professional value services, Wisdom technology provides management software and information services based on Internet of vehicles technology for industrial enterprises and government regulatory departments, and has made important contributions to maintaining the legal and orderly operation of the new internet-supported online car-hailing business.

The images obtained by the ADAS camera of Wisdom are used to detect the driver’s driving behavior and physiological state. When the driver is tired, distracted, makes phone calls, smokes and other dangerous situations, the alarm is given within the response time to avoid accidents.ADAS safe driving assistance system can effectively regulate drivers’ driving behaviors and greatly reduce the probability of traffic accidents.

Wisdom technology based on the Shenzhen, radiation throughout the country, leads the industry with high quality innovative research and development strength, help logistics, passenger transport, dangerous goods transport enterprise informatization and intelligent transportation enterprise, promote the city’s public transportation management standardization, operation regulation automation rationalization, scientific decision-making, operation scheduling, information services integration.


Post time: Nov-15-2018