Wisdom Platform Introduction

The Wisdom GPS Vehicle Supervision System consists of eight subsystem projects:
◎ Internet
◎ Data transmission network
◎ Vehicle Data Service Platform
◎ User Supervision Center Series
◎ Vehicle equipment
◎ Electronic map
►Rights management: Set different operation rights according to different management rights, which are uniformly allocated by the system administrator.

►Real-time positioning: The monitoring center receives GPS satellite signals through the in-vehicle device, obtains the real-time position of the vehicle, and knows the position, speed, direction and status data of the vehicle.

►Tracking and monitoring: The system monitors the dynamic and static information of the vehicle by means of point name viewing, silent setting, single point sending, multi-point sending, timed sending, fixed distance sending, alarm sending, etc., and displays the vehicle in time on the electronic map. Track.

►Emergency alarm: Once the vehicle encounters an emergency situation, press the emergency alarm button, the monitoring center immediately knows the location and emergency status of the vehicle, and after verification, enters the alarm handling procedure.

►Overspeed alarm: Set the speed limit to the vehicle. Once the speed limit is exceeded, it will automatically alarm to the center. The system alarm window shows that the vehicle is overspeeding, and the system sends an overspeed sound prompt to the driver.

►Cross-border alarm: When the driving vehicle exceeds the set driving range, the system alarm window indicates that the vehicle is out of the driving limit.

►Timeout alarm: The vehicle equipment sets the vehicle parking time. When the vehicle parking time exceeds the set value, the system alarm window displays the vehicle timeout parking prompt.

►Power failure alarm: The vehicle equipment is powered by the vehicle battery. Once the power supply is cut off, a power failure alarm signal will be sent to the monitoring center, and the vehicle equipment will automatically enable the backup battery power supply.