Taxi Surveillance Solution

The Taxi Surveillance Solution can be divided into vehicle monitoring systems part, information transfer part, and control platform part. The first part includes MDVR, surveillance cameras, walkie talkie,speaker, microphone, display, Service Evaluator, LED Top Light,GPS, 3G / 4G module, and emergency button etc., Information transfer communication part include the mobile information delivery and Ethernet / LAN network. The last part includes monitoring software, video walls, user management, streaming media, database, storage servers and other group service. Taxi Surveillance system it’s a wireless remote monitor control system support external sensor alarm. It is not only a combination of internet, GPRS, GPS and MDVR but also an combination technology of practical, reliability, security, flexibility, high efficiency and stability.

► Install 2-4 cameras (720P/1080P HD) per taxi, monitor the taxi inside and outside, and passengers and drivers.

► In the event of an emergency, the driver can press the alarm button and the software platform of the monitoring center can immediately receive the alarm information from the vehicle.

►Support GPS/BD dual-mode positioning for higher positioning accuracy.

►3G/4G wireless communication technology.

►External display for real-time viewing of monitoring information

►VGC-8V MDVR: large capacity dual SD card (2*128G2) storage

► Through the monitoring center management platform, managers or regulators can fully grasp the taxi operation status. Effectively eliminate various security risks.




Post time: Dec-03-2018